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Paul Yanuziello

Hello all!

Some things that interested me this week, and I hope will be of interest to you too.

Here are my five items, links or suggestions that should get you some inspiration and information.

  1. Last week I mentioned that I was inspired by the drumming of Ginger Baker. I started drum lessons  when I was ten years old. My mother forced all of us, me and my two brothers, to take some kind of lessons in the arts. I started with accordion, that lasted two lessons, I took Flamenco dance lessons, I liked that, but not dance, the percussion. I took drumming, yes that was for me, I loved banging on things. I was in a few garage/basement bands and then I got invited to sit in with a fantastic guitarist in my neighbourhood, Ed McDonald. I was fourteen years old and along with our bass player of the time, Don Alain, we practiced a lot. When I was fifteen I was playing in clubs with the band,  now named, Snowaxe.  I was in this band for along time. About eleven years and in that time we went through numerous bass players, and on looking back, I can say there were some good times. To get a good idea of what it was like, check out the movie This Is Spinal Tap, a movie that always makes me laugh.
  2. This week I took in a show entitled, The Paco deLucia Project at the George Weston Recital Hall. A fantastic show with great Flamenco guitar, dance singing and percussion. Flamenco Legends. To get a good idea of the inspiration for the group, listen to the master Paco diLucia performing with his septet live in Germany. Paco diLucia Live.
  3. Speaking of  shows, the Tony award winning show Hamilton, is on its way to Toronto.  Toronto’s  Ed Mirvish Theatre will play host to Hamilton this February with tickets going on sale October 28th.  HamiltonEdMirvishTheatre
  4. I have some kids in my karate class who have been victims of bullying. They haven’t said anything to me about it. It’s the parents who have mentioned it.  We’re talking young kids, seven and eight years old. As a karate teacher you walk a thin line – you can’t promote violence, we teach them to refrain from violent behaviour. You can teach them about self defence, you can give them the guidelines to stand up for themselves. To not be afraid to talk to adults about their problems. Anti bullying in Canada, the policy, the procedures and the problems. What you can do is inform all the students about how to carry yourself, what is good behaviour, and not acceptable behaviour. There are some great guidelines here. Canada Guide To Anti Bullying. Bullying prevention in schools by Prev Net, Promoting Relationships & Eliminating Violence Network – Canada’s authority on research and resources for bullying prevention. A great resource, bullying-prevention-facts-and-tools-for-schools
  5. The dance legend Alicia Alonso passed away this week, she was 98. The New York Times has some wonderful information on her outstanding achievements nytimes alicia-alonso. I learned about the inspirational Ms. Alonso from my mother who was a professional ballerina and dance master and like Ms. Alonso,  continued teaching and training, well into her 70’s.

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