October 9 . Issue #59

In this weeks newsletter, moving movies, my book sale, cat rescues and more…

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1. My eye candy this week. Films to watch; My Octopus Teacher, simply extraordinary, a special film that resonated deeply within my soul. This is not like any other nature film.

And this week a special notice popped up in my news feed for a  movie trailer. “The Witches | Official Trailer” I love stories by Roald Dahl and plan to read one of the chapters from The Witches in my upcoming creative writing workshop.

2. I am excited to report that my book Samba on  Snowy Day is on sale at Chapters-Indigo and 1% of the sale of the book goes to children in high-needs communities through the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation.

My wife Nina is a rescuer of cats, she is a rescue angel. We have at our home three rescued cats. All have been adopted and are now part of the family. Only one was rescued as a kitten, Milo, the other two as young adult cats.

We have temporarily taken in four more cats. Count them, that’s seven cats! I decided I had better read about cats.  My reading pleasure took me to a well-thumbed copy of the classic, Cats in the Belfry by Doreen Tovey – a humorous tale about cats.

3. A first in Canada; my party, the Greens, has a new leader and she is the first Black person to lead a federal political party in Canada. About time!

4. My musical experience this week is in anticipation of the great Thelonious Sphere Monk, October 10, 1917 – February 17, 1982; the celebration of his birth. The 10th is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada, a national holiday, my Monk day. I did not get a chance to see Monk live. If I had perhaps my review would have gone something like this. My review, writing as Paul J. Youngman, for Jazz Review.com.

5. The good deed for the week, assisting an elderly gentleman who passed out while waiting for a bus. My first aiders duty, helping out.

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