October 30 . Issue #62


One night long ago, in Ohio, a bobcat leaped like a quick clawed whirlwind of light from the pines beside the road and our hearts thudded and stopped –
those lightning eyes! that dappled jaw! those plush paws!

Mary Oliver (1935 – 2019)

In this weeks newsletter, a children’s book festival, tree museum’s, bullfighting and more…

My Weekly Journal

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1. An invisibility cloak, that is what interested me this week. I came across one in the forest of The Tree Museum last year. So cool. Pictured below is an invisible outhouse located in the forest. Can you see it?

2. The inspiration for my interest, the 12th Annual – Telling Tales Festival. A literary festival for children and a great discussion on invisibility cloaks.

3. My viewing pleasure this week, choreography, dance and movement. Netflix original documentary, Move.

4. Karate – one of my passions. I have been training in karate for many years. And since August I have been leading a group in outdoor martial arts training. The cold temperature is coming and soon training will have to be done at home. For my students, I recommend Karate at Home with Shinji Akita. Sensei has compiled 32 video’s to keep you inspired and training with his qualified guidance.

5. My reading this week has taken me back (1949) to a book, a favourite of my mothers, The Brave Bulls, by Tom Lea. This is a first edition copy, not signed. My mother studied Mexican folk dance and culture.

I visited Mexico with my parents when I was a teen. Climbing the pyramids, exploring the jungle ruins and loving the beaches.  Great fun, an incredible experience. I attended a concert, the Ray Charles band at an intimate, swanky club in the Zona Rosa, Mexico City. After the show, I hung with the guys in the band at a small cafè.

I went to the bullfights and I spoke to the young rock star bull-fighters.

I drove from Mexico City to Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, about 1,600 thrilling kilometres. Have you ever been pursued by the Mexican military? My father didn’t like the idea of trying to outrun them. We pulled over. “Tourista,” they said.

They waved us on our way. Mexico at that time, 1974, took care of their tourist’s. Tourist dollars were number one.

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