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February 24 . Issue # 151

Hello and welcome to my monthly journal, where I share 5 points of interest. Things that catch my eye, things that tantalize the senses or create joy and happiness.

This month an update on my new release, Samba in Switzerland , and my continuing adventures in Costa Rica. News on what I’m currently working on and more.

1. The new book Samba in Switzerland is live on Amazon and getting great reviews. They’re all great, but I particularly like this one:
“5 Stars – Reviewed in the United States on January 24, 2023.
This book is great. The story is interesting, and the book as a whole is fun to read. The illustrations are very colorful, and they are so well done that the reader feels like they are actually taking part in the story. The inclusion of facts about Switzerland at the end allows the reader to learn even more about the setting of the book. Overall, an extremely cute book!”

2. I am in San Jose, Costa Rica. My next project, Entitled Dojo in the Woods, has been my main focus. My editor has gotten the copy-edited manuscript back to me. I’ve completed my revisions and am now formatting it into InDesign to make it into a middle-grade children’s book.

3. I enjoy the San Jose lifestyle when I’m not working. I’ve joined a karate club that runs out of a fitness studio, The Escazu Fitness Centre. The fitness club offers yoga, and I’ve participated in a few classes. The teacher is great. The karate teacher, Roberto sensei, is great as well.

4. Flamenco in San Jose. My partner, Ninetta, and I saw a flamenco show El Tablao Flamenco, at Casa De Espana. A great show with excellent food, Tapas, and delicious Sangria to drink. I wrote about the show, and hopefully, my report will get published, El Tablao Flamenco.

5. I’m going to the beach this morning, to Uvita and Marino Ballena National Park. A marine park. Hopefully, we can book a whale-watching tour and see a whale. I’ll report back in next month’s issue.

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Stay safe, stay well, stay strong and keep going.

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