Italian (No-Knead) Bread

Italian Style Homemade Bread

This recipe from Luca Pappagallo is of disarming simplicity, you just need a bowl and a pot that can go in the oven and with very few ingredients you will get a fantastic loaf of bread.
 This is how bread is made without kneading the dough:
Flour 500g -4 cups
 350g water – 1.5 cups
 Salt 12g – 2.5 teaspoon (reduced to 2 tsp as baked)
 3g dry brewer’s yeast – 1 teaspoon
 To make the recipe for bread with no-knead dough, first put all the water in a high-sided bowl, then add the flour and salt to the yeast.  Mix with a wooden spoon to make the dough and form a blended mixture. Cover first with a plastic wrap, poke holes in it to allow it to breathe and then cover with a cloth and let it rise for 22-24 hours at room temperature.
 After this, shape the dough, make two folds in the dough, then put it in a cloth and let it rest for an hour. In the meantime, turn on the oven to 250 degrees C, put the pot into the oven to heat and when ovens at temperature, put the dough inside.  Cook covered for 30 minutes cover it with the lid and then another 10 minutes uncovered.
 Remove from the oven and wait about five minutes before cutting.