Meet Reddy

Chapter 1: Meet Reddy

Reddy, a red squirrel, came from a long line of red squirrels. Reddy lived in a forest close to a river known by all as the “Beaver River.” Reddy’s home was in a giant cedar tree. It was just one of many similar trees that lined the river.

Reddy learned from his mom and dad how to find a good home. They taught him how to build the perfect nest or drey. He had perfected the art of weaving twigs and branches together for a cozy drey.

Reddy’s mom always said, “ Reddy, don’t get into fights and make sure you know how to cling to tree branches.”

His dad said, “ Reddy, work hard and build a good home for your family.”

They also taught him where the best places were to build the perfect tree house.

Reddy listened to his mom and dad, and when he left home, he felt brave. The type of bravery that is tinted with a fear of the unknown.

He thought, I am so ready to be on my own in the forest. Oh, to be free! 

Reddy prepared for his first step toward independence.