Pure Innocence

Innocence  by Paul Yanuziello

I spent time in the company of pure innocence today

Peaceful, serene, joyous; happiness and contentment

Just some of the feelings I experienced in the presence of my grand-girl


Listening to the music of the forest, we sang, we danced and we laughed

A beautiful spirit caught in the breeze, her smile lights my eyes

Twirling and swaying to the music of the day she is as free as the wind


The falling leaves we swept like dust into a grand pile

Free falling with complete trust, the leaves catch us

There are so many new adventures to experience


How does a child of two take in a world

With one step, run, hop and swirl; a new milestone 

She explored, experienced, enjoyed and she conquered


My day with innocence a joy to behold

Learning to witness the world anew

For her and for me a time of joy


A moment that will last a lifetime, the first falling of leaves

How easy life can be in the company of one you love

Happy Birthday Leila, may all your wishes come true.


Paul Yanuziello – November 2, 2020