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December 4 . Issue #67

“We ourselves cannot put any magic spell on this world.
The world is its own magic.”
– Suzuki Roshi –

Welcome to my Weekly Journal

This weeks 5 things that interested me and I thought you might enjoy.

1. “Masks, kindness and respect; mandatory” a message that resonates with me. Found on a local farmers market billboard the other day.
We should all “Try a Little Kindness.” Glen Campbell got it right.
2. Breathing – Is it as simple as to just breathe. I think not. In early 2017  I began my breathing practice.
I enjoyed this James Nestor podcast about breathing while transferring my new novel from my notebook into my computer. So far I’m at 19,000 words; of what will hopefully be 28,500 words when complete; by my rough estimate.
I am still breathing! Every day, and sometimes twice a day, I practice my Ki breathing. Twenty-five to thirty minutes a day of mindful breathing. The elixir of good health.
3. Park training can be frustrating. Our Saturday session got off to a good start. Mostly sunny, a little cool and the ground soggy from the previous day’s rainfall. An hour into our karate training a construction worker informs us we have to move our vehicles. Luckily there are lots of parks. We located another one close by and practised for another hour, Jodo. Hopefully, we can get some more sunny, dry and warm days before the freezing weather moves in for the winter.
4. Some of the children’s stories came in for the celebration story contest from our kindle creativity, 6 sessions workshop. Fantastic stories.

Would you like the chance to see your work published? Then the Creativity Club is for you! This is so cool — if you happen to be between 6 and 16 years old? And you love to write or draw? This is for you.

5. Settle Stories introduces Three Christmas Wishes, free online storytelling for your school or, your homeschooled children.

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