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I received Dojo in the Woods as a free e-book. I have read the book and found it so beautifully written: the author allows the reader to be totally immersed in the stories, the fights, the training! Reading this book triggered many memories of my “actual” training; at a certain point, I could smell the sweat, the exhaustion after training!  The stories allow the reader to learn about Karate dō, the not fighting, the go no sen, and the observation of what happens, and I am sure that these stories will stir in the young reader “la pulce nell’orecchio” (to plant an idea in the head) allowing him or her to actualize it in their life!  Bravissimo!

An exhilarating read! Yanuziello has the gift of describing in a way that the imagination perks up and one is able to “live” the story! This book is for children AND for the Martial Artist!

I will recommend Dojo in the Woods to my students.

Reviewed March 2024 by Patricia W.

Dojo in the Woods by Paul Yanuziello is an enchanting tale filled with adventure and martial arts that will captivate readers aged seven to fourteen years and beyond. Set in a fictional land, the story follows a group of young forest animals as they learn to survive in their world with the help of a tough black bear with a heart of gold.

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