Paul Yanuziello

Interview with Awesome Gang Books.

My – Mini Bio For Press Releases.

My Long Bio, for your interest:

Hi there! I am an author, writer, storyteller, musician, and martial artist. I live in Markham, a small city, in close proximity to a big city, Toronto. I was born and raised in Toronto. I am happily married to Nina and I have two children, Adrianna and Nadia and even a grandchild, Leila. I have a lot of cats, seven at the moment. I have written about a couple of them and I will be sharing those stories here soon.

In 2019 I published my first children’s book, Samba on a Snowy Day to glowing reviews.

The opportunity to write and teach full time, as well as my passion for teaching and learning from children, became the motivational force to publish my first children’s book. I am delighted to introduce my second book in the series, Samba in Brazil. To keep up to date with me, visit www.paulyanuziello.com and remember, to subscribe to my blog, My Weekly Journal.

I have started this site to connect with people and to share some ideas that I hope will make some small part of your lives better. I enjoy writing and have created many children’s stories that I would love to share with you.

As a professional martial artist, one of my most enjoyable jobs is teaching children. I learn so much from them, I think they learn a small amount from me as well. One thing I will be sharing on this site is some advice on how to get children active, reading and writing.

I have many articles written under my pen name Paul J. Youngman. A name I came up with many years ago, inspired by one of my favourite movies, “The Magic Christian”(1969) starring Peter Sellers. A cult classic about billionaire Sir Guy Grand (Sellers) who adopts a street youth (Ringo Starr) and christens him Youngman Grand.

I did not want my hobby of writing about music to interfere with my profession. Hence the creation of a pen name to keep separate the two styles of writing. At that time I was a technical writer for a large mechanical contracting company.