Paul Yanuziello

My – Mini Bio For Press Releases.

Hi there! I’m a writer, a musician, and a martial artist. I live in Markham, a small city, in close proximity to a big city, Toronto. I was born and raised in Toronto. I am happily married to Nina and I have two children, Adrianna and Nadia and even a grandchild, Leila. I have a lot of cats, five at the moment. I have written about a couple of them and I will be sharing those stories here soon.

I have started this site to connect with people and to share some ideas that I hope will make some small part of  your lives better. I enjoy writing and have created some children’s stories that I will be publishing in the near future.

As a professional martial artist one of my most enjoyable jobs is teaching children. I learn so much from them, I think they learn a small amount from me as well. One thing I will be sharing on this site is some advice on how to get children active.

I am a published writer, I have many articles written under my pen name Paul J. Youngman. A name I came up with many years ago, inspired by one of my favourite movies, “The Magic Christian”(1969) starring Peter Sellers.

A cult classic about billionaire Sir Guy Grand (Sellers) who adopts a street youth (Ringo Starr) and christens him Youngman Grand.

I did not want my hobby of writing about music to interfere with my profession. Hence the creation of a pen name to keep the two styles of writing separate. At that time I was a technical writer for a large mechanical contracting company.