A Writer’s Life

“Instructions for Living a Life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” – Mary Oliver

The perfect writer’s mantra.  Last week exhausted me, elevated me and made me pay attention. I was astonished and now that it’s in the past I am writing about it. I rented a twenty-foot long U-Haul truck last week and with the help of a couple of friends filled every inch of it.

Moving out can be traumatic, for me, it’s just another adventure. Moving from a four-bedroom house to a storage unit, now that’s a challenge. I had with me the positivity of faith, and luckily a couple of creative individuals who could see the storage space filled with functionality. There is no unused space. The complete storage unit is filled to the ceiling.

The door closed. I returned the truck just past the agreed-upon time – some eight hours after picking up the vehicle. The return of the vehicle was accepted. The proprietor had stayed late working on a deal for his side job involving LED lights. When completed I was taken care of and everything worked out perfectly.

Thank you, U-Haul.