Celebrating Nature and the Outdoors

I recently participated in a new book promotion and the books were all about nature and the outdoors. My book Samba on a Snowy Day seemed to be a perfect fit. It is all about nature, a Bernese Mountain Dog and his best friend on a snowy adventure.

I took advantage of the opportunity to download some of the free books on offer, and here I give you my take on these books. The first one entitled, Abigail and her Pet Zombie, Spring by Marie F. Crow. For some reason I did not receive Spring, I received Zoo Day.

Abigail and Her Pet ZombieĀ have been waiting all week for their special trip to the zoo. But not everyone finds her Pet Zombie to be lovable. The Pet Zombie does not know what to do, he is sad. Abigail and her friends, with the help of her uncle, must teach theĀ  Zombie that the most important thing is to just be you and do not worry about what others might think.

It is a humorous story of a little girl and her comical pet, who just happens to be a Zombie. The illustrations are wonderful, the story is fun and the message is clear. To just be yourself.

Short Or Tall, Doesn’t Matter At All by Asaf Rozares. This is a story about being different and having been left out. A book that highlights bravery, kindness and determination.

I enjoyed this story and I found the relationship between father and daughter quite beautiful. The advice that the father shares with Mia is a wonderful guide that sets her on the right path to accepting herself as she is.

Mia ends up showing her friends that everyone, no matter how small or different, has talents and skills too. A delightful story with good illustrations.

Follow The Breadcrumbs (The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly) by Chris Stead.

This is a fun story that also happens to be interactive. Each page allows you to click on a breadcrumb or a loaf of bread to actually see the text. To hear some audio, sounds of the characters, in the story you click on a Willy Nilly button. Great fun!

An imaginative book design with interesting illustrations. This adventure is sure to delight the young ones and at the same time teach some valuable lessons about responsibility.