Chapter 8 Bumblebee Food

Chapter 8   Bumblebee Food 

The next morning, Scratchy went in search of food for Miss Bee. He wandered through the flower garden, watching closely to see what bee’s liked to eat. 

“Excuse me, Sir. Excuse me,” Scratchy shouted to one very busy bee. 

The bee kept collecting something from the flower he was perched on and ignored Scratchy. 

Scratchy noticed the bees spent a lot of time buzzing around certain flowers. They were collecting something from them. They seemed to drink something out of the flowers. 

“Flower juice,” thought Scratchy. 

 Flowers produce nectar and pollen — bumblebee food.

Scratchy gathered up a few fresh flowers to take back to his house. The bees looked annoyed. They were starting to form a group. Scratchy did not wait around to discuss whose flowers these were. An angry swarm of bees is not nice!

Scratchy stopped at the farmhouse to check for treats. Mrs. Farmer always left some treats outside for Scratchy. He went to the window sill and checked behind the flower box. Mrs. Farmer had left Scratchy some chestnuts. They smelled delicious. Mrs. Farmer would always fill the bird feeders with seeds and the messy birds dropped more food than they ate. Scratchy loaded up his mouth. His cheeks were bursting with the tasty birdseed and Mrs. Farmer’s chestnuts, but he still managed to grip the flowers with his teeth. Excitedly, Scratchy headed for home.

Excerpt from Scratchy Squirrel – A Time For Friends

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