Dirty Dozen

The 2020 Dirty Dozen Foods List:

1. Strawberries

2. Spinach

3. Kale

4. Nectarines

5. Apples

6. Grapes

7. Peaches

8. Cherries

9. Pears

10. Tomatoes

11. Celery

12. Potatoes

If you have been following the Dirty Dozen closely each year, you’ll notice that this year’s list is largely similar to last year’s list — strawberries have again earned the top spot of concern for the fifth year in a row. Last year, kale made its way onto the list’s top 10 for the first time in over a decade due to new data that suggested pesticide residues on this leafy green included traces of DCPA, a herbicide known under the brand name Dacthal. This year, leafy greens, including spinach, returned to the forefront of the list.

Dirty Dozen List Courtesy of  EWG’s 2020 Shoppers Guide To Pesticide Use.