Dreams in Black and White

Dreams in Black and White        

by Paul Yanuziello

Heaven on earth that’s what we dream

In slumber deep when peace surrounds you

Your heart opens wide and forgiveness comes easy

Love is all around you, pain, suffering, a distant memory

No more pain as the morning sun melts the ache away

The screams of terror fade with the early mist rising heaven bound

All that remains is the calm after the storm

Greener than green the grass of my home town

When you awaken the feeling of peace

Possibilities are endless, reality is boundless

You are just, just what you want to become

The ocean so blue, bluer than I ever thought possible

Heaven, heaven on earth what a beautiful thought

Or is it that were dreaming of what shall be

With Love and peace, we can make it happen

Spirit above me wash away the sins of the world

No more pain, peace is all around us

The world a much better place

Open your hearts to forgiveness

In slumber deep, we see the world

A world of beauty and serenity

Like the warm waters wash the sand away

Our hearts at peace, we sleep, never to wake

We sleep, we rest, we rest in peace.

© 2022 by Paul Yanuziello