Erwin Vann – Let’s Call Ed

Erwin Vann

Let’s Call Ed

Label: Horn Player

Erwin Vann is a skilled European saxophonist, composer, arranger and producer. His home base is in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. He is the leader on an impressive outing that I have recently discovered and listened to with interest as it blends electronic, jazz and classical in a fashion that is both pleasurable and intriguing.

On the recording, Let’s Call Ed, Mr. Vann is joined on this excursion into the realm of new music by, Jozef Dumoulin (Fender Rhodes), Michel Hatzigeorgiou (Fender bass) and Dre Pallemaerts (drums). All of the musicians with the exception of the drummer are also credited with playing electronics.

The recording includes ten tracks, some as short as a minute and three quarters, the longest at eleven and a half minutes. Without challenge, you are pulled into the fascinating rhythms and melodies that the musicians create. From the introduction, a song entitled “Twister,” with a funky synthesized Rhodes laying out the melody, while drummer Dre Pallemaerts pushes the pulse with a rudimentary feel. To the up-tempo exciting “In The Air,” where Mr. Vann lets loose with lyrical saxophone playing and a marvellously melodic tone.

The song “Seven Bombs,” a group composition is a free-wheeling tune that gives the drummer, Pallemaerts, ample room to roll and groove with abandon. As the electronics experts arrange the bombs with timers, striking bells on saxes and basses wowing with harmonized Rhodes, the drummer proceeds to set off explosive devices by land, air and sea.

The final track of the CD, “They Met” is a hi-light tune, with a solo saxophone introduction by Mr. Vann. In a melancholy mood with a wonderful melody that cautiously opens the door for the other musicians to coolly play a subterranean roll. The song flows through numerous verses of haunting saxophone melody — to gradually fade on an electronic meeting of analog and digital musings.

For a first-rate taste of jazz with a classical, electronic mix, check out Erwin Vann, Let’s Call Ed.

Review by Paul J. Youngman – KJA Jazz Advocate Mar. 2007 – For