Forest by Paul Yanuziello – ©July 2020

I call it my forest,

I have become attached

In my attachment comes a deeper respect

A love of the colours

The sounds, the life, that is my forest

The fall colours from golden yellows to ruby reds

With shades of a rainbow

Blended and mixed, flowing with beauty

The sound of autumn — is the sound of majesty

An orchestra that plays softly

Light harmony and wild roars

As a deep tympani rolled to a masterful crescendo

The glory and the power of the universe

Producing such beauty

A masterful artistry

My forest, a work in progress

Constantly changing

Life-giving, connecting Heaven and earth

The energy of my forest

Always positive

A vibrant powerful force

To be savoured and cherished

The spring colours

A blooming, life-giving green

Blossoms as white and pure

A haven for new growth

Flora, fauna, animals, the forest of life

An oasis in a sea of progress

A small piece of paradise

I call my forest.