Kindle Creativity

Creativity and Imagination. The building blocks for creative writing.
A Workshop For Children: A storytelling and an exploration of how we arrive at creativity.
Please consider joining our Google Meet Event starting October 22, 2020; continuing for six (6) – one hour sessions. Every Thursday at 3:30 PM we will discuss creativity and storytelling; the course will conclude on November 26, 2020.
At the conclusion of our workshops, the participants will have completed an 800 to 1000 word creative story.  For those who are interested, their stories may be entered into a competition and the top three stories will win a prize. The prize –  an autographed paperback edition of my book Samba on a Snowy Day (shipping included – only in Canada).
Seven Steps to Story Structure
  1. Introduction
  2. Incidence
  3. Action
  4. Adventure
  5. Setback
  6. Salvage
  7. Finale
To come up with a story idea you need at least the following:
Settings: Where does the story take place?
Characters: Who or what is your story about?
Central actions, incidence,  or problems: What happens in your story?
Kindle your creativity! What that means to me is to light a fire within your imagination. To look at all things with an open mind and to see from a different perspective. The writer’s perspective.
How do you that? You let your mind, your ideas flow and your practice grow. Every day you write a short, medium or long story about something you have discovered.
Is there a day that goes by when you don’t make any discoveries? I doubt it!
You just see what you want to see. To make new discoveries you must look deeper and when you do that you will see hidden there a treasure trove of ideas.
We hope to see you at our virtual workshop. To join in and to register, visit our registration page; adults, parents or guardians must complete the form.