Milo – The Orange Cat

Milo is a young kitten. He is feral. A rescue, he and his sister were found in a garage in a laneway in Toronto. There was no sign of the mother cat coming around to care for the kittens, so the kittens were rescued.

Having a feral kitten around is interesting. Feral cats are extremely skittish they jump about three feet into the air at the drop of a pin. They may never fully trust new people or any people for that matter. They are always hiding when visitors arrive.

Milo escapes to the outdoors whenever he can, but then, he is easy to find as he’s always hiding in the bushes close to the house. He is continuously hunting no matter where he is, inside or outside. He is a good mouser having brought us mice on numerous occasions.

The wild feral cat tendencies are always close at hand. This story is about one of Milo’s adventures from what I can only imagine his thoughts to be.

Excerpt From:  Milo’s Adventure by Paul Yanuziello

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