Old Friends

Reconnecting with old friends who you haven’t seen for decades, what a strange feeling. Nostalgia is not good nor is it bad, it can be a safe haven during times of crisis.

I feel bad that I don’t remember this person by name, who obviously remembers me. When I search for his name on social media, he has posted a photo of himself back in the day and I recognize the face. But for the life of me, I don’t remember why.  Oh yea, we went to Jr. High school together, that’s it.
Northmount Junior High
When I got back to my old school chum I mentioned this is a first for me.  Having someone from the past connecting with me. Now that I reflect on it I realize this is not true, there was another occasion and now I remember why I don’t like to reminisce.
Many years ago I connected with another old school buddy who I hadn’t seen for many years. It turns out we were in the same business field. He had just taken on a new job with an associate company of my company and we happened to meet up. We got together for a coffee and discussed all manner of things, from our work to family and even real estate.
He also asked me if I had heard about one of our school mates. He then went on to tell me she suffered from depression and had taken her life a few years ago. We had been close all through those early school years. I was sad to hear about that. But it motivated me to look into the resources that assist those suffering from depression.
So on this recent occasion, it was nice to connect with somebody from those old days. He made mention of a site on social media that was for the students of Northmount, that’s where he saw my old school mug shot.
Curious, I investigated and was taken in by all the memorabilia. Members of the group posting different photos. And some memorials to those who passed away.
The fellow who told me about my dear departed friend, who I mentioned earlier from my business association, was one of the former students who had passed on. Wow! Rest in Power old friend.
See why I don’t like to reminisce.