Paul Yanuziello (mini-bio)

Paul Yanuziello is a writer, storyteller, musician, martial arts instructor and author. In 2019 he published his first children’s book, Samba on a Snowy Day to glowing reviews.

Writing under his pen name, Paul J. Youngman, he has reviewed and reported on concerts, festivals and recordings by the musical greats. A highly skilled martial artist, he now instructs adults and children in Japanese martial arts.

The opportunity to write and teach full time, as well as his passion for teaching and learning from children, became the motivational force to publish his first children’s book. He is delighted to introduce his second book in the series, Samba in Brazil. To keep up to date with Paul, visit and remember, to subscribe to his blog, My Weekly Journal.

When Yanuziello is not teaching or learning martial arts, he can be found writing, reading or practising shinrin-yoku (forest bathing).