Physical Distancing to Social Distancing

Nina and I got out to deliver a care package  to our daughter who lives out of town. She is in Whitby, another town just east of our town of Thornhill. We did our drop off, some home cooked goodies and treats, all while maintaining physical distancing. Placing the items on the front porch, we texted our daughter so as to not wake up our granddaughter who was taking a nap. When our daughter came out to investigate we waved and threw virtual hugs, blowing kisses from the safety of the driveway. These exercises in physical distancing creates in me a feeling of anxiety.

Social Distancing

On the way back home we decided we would make a stop at the lake and do a little lakeside stroll. We had brought our non-surgical masks and decided to wear them, good thing too. We were in the minority of people taking any precautions.


Physical Distancing

There were lots of folks down by the lake, it was a beautiful day and many people were not being mindful of physical distancing. With the easing of lockdown measures the Durham region has seen a steady increase in positive COVID – 19 cases.

This was just the start of the weekend, Friday afternoon, and already large crowds were gathering. The following week it was reported that the GTA, the area closest to Toronto including Durham, had significant increases in cases. The powers that be were citing Mothers Day, occurring a week earlier as the likely culprit to the increase in positive cases.  

The onset of warm weather and more beautiful days. With many people going stir crazy, this will  likely put us back in the danger zone or the dreaded phase 2 of the virus.

Here’s hoping for a safe and effective antidote to COVID-19 or until then, to people finding the middle way of high intention / low attachment (“non-striving”).  

Accepting – Non-striving

  • acknowledge what’s happening
  • resilient, graceful, flowing, flexible
  • can adjust to changing conditions
  • responding with insight and skill
  • do what you can from where you are
  • satisfaction from doing your best

People must become aware and acknowledge the seriousness of the external situation. The very real threat of the Corona Virus must bring about the awareness to know that we have a responsibility to our communities to protect ourselves and others from spreading this killer virus