Popup Karate Program

Karate Training July 29th, 2020

With dojo’s, training halls, closed due to COVID-19 and many people discouraged with virtual training.  I tested the waters with a call out to my karate friends and students. Would you like to do some park training? The response, a resounding “Yes Please”.

Our first informal class at the park had five people joining in. It was great! We found a secluded spot in a green space, put down some markers so everyone could maintain physical distancing of two metres and we trained for an hour.

Falling Leaves

Our ultra-marathon participant volunteered to lead the group in a light warm-up. This consisted of some stretching, leg raises to the front, to the side and to the rear. Followed by upper body stretching, shoulders, hips, neck and arms, all given a good work out. We managed to get in some squats and even twenty or so push-ups.

I took over leading the group for some basics and had everyone doing some kicking. We did front kicks, side kicks and roundhouse kicks. After each basic set, I added another element, such as an elbow strike, a back fist, or a reverse punch.

After the basics, we practised a kata, heian nidan and went through the practical applications and detailed movements of the form.

Our cool down consisted of tai-chi chaun, with all the participants doing their own form. Mindfulness movement practice, a beautiful way to end our first popup karate program.