Scratchy The Squirrel – A Time For Friends

Chapter 4: Dance of the Bumblebee


Scratchy waited in the log, hoping that Mr. Bald Eagle would fly away. Scratchy watched and waited. He was itchy, and he stretched his back leg up over his shoulder and scratched his right side nervously. This seemed to relieve some of the stress.

While he waited, he noticed a big bumblebee that was spinning around on the ground. The bumblebee spun one way and then spun around the other way. A lot of buzzing was going on. Scratchy watched the bumblebee. The bumblebee could not fly. The bumblebee’s wings were broken. 

Scratchy thought, Those wings sure look shorter than your normal bumblebee wings. 

Scratchy usually just minded his own business, but, on this day, he felt something different. Maybe it was because the farmer’s wife had given him some tasty treats. Or maybe it was because he had seen Mr. Bald Eagle just in time.

 With a heartful feeling and a sense of gratitude, Scratchy crawled out of the log. He went closer to the bumblebee and tried to give the bumblebee a push start. 

Scratchy said, “Miss Bee, please do not be afraid and do not sting me. I am just going to give you a boost.” 

The bumblebee never stopped buzzing. Scratchy used his left front paw to nudge Miss Bee into the air. The bumblebee flew a few feet into the air and then floated back down to the ground. 

“Well, that did not work, Miss Bee,” said Scratchy. 

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