Scratchy the Squirrel – Make Time For Friends

Chapter 3  Flights of Fear 






Every evening, just when the sun was ready to say good night, Scratchy would head back to his home. Today had been a fantastic day. Mrs. Farmer had given him some treats, roasted chestnuts. Delicious!  Scratchy had remembered where he hid some nuts too. Well, his nose remembered! 

You see Scratchy smelled where he had buried some nuts in the Farmer’s pasture. 

With his tummy full and the remaining walnuts stuffed in his mouth, Scratchy was excited to get back home. Suddenly he stopped. A darkness came over him. A wing-shaped shadow passed overhead. 

Scratchy hurried to the Farmer’s pond and dove headfirst into an old log. He hoped that it was not already occupied. Spinning around he peeked out of the opening in the log just in time to see Mr. Bald Eagle soaring gracefully through the sky. 

Scratchy thought, “That is a most frighteningly beautiful sight.”   

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