Newsletter 22

Newsletter 22

This week I look into Montessori School and how the Dojo Kun and the Niju Kun can play a part in  todays education. At what age should you start your children in karate?

In this weeks newsletter I let you know about all of that in the five things that interested me and I thought may be of interest to you too.

  1. Dr. Maria Montessori the founder of the Montessori Schools, prior to this week I knew very little about this amazing women. Monday I started teaching karate at a Montessori school in Markham. I am really happy to be sharing my karate with the children.

2. Babysitting or teaching? What can we learn? Some would say that teaching 3 and 4 year olds karate is really just babysitting. I disagree wholeheartedly,  some of the children at this age have never made a fist, or fired off a straight punch, nor have they really kicked. Now they are doing all this and so much more. Learning to count in Japanese, learning the karate rules of the dojo, the Dojo Kun and learning some great karate philosophy, the Niju Kun.

3. Finding inspiration in the everyday. One of the sites I am a member of requested authors share with members the way in which they continue to write. I shared the aforementioned statement and it is something that helps me to write every day. This week started off with “Blue Monday”, the third week in January is reported by some to be the saddest day. Don’t believe it. Everyday is what you make of it, do your best to find the joy in the simple everyday things that life presents.

4. This week was all about trumpet. I was informed that one of my favourite trumpeters, Claudio Roditi, passed away, check out his beautiful playing on “Body and Soul”  

From Kristen Park, Claudio’s wife, a touching quote;  “His entire life was geared to enjoyment, of Life and living it, of great music, of good food, traveling around the world playing his beloved rotary horns, meeting interesting and talented people, making new friends and visiting the longstanding ones, and maintaining his ready sense of humour. Claudio loved to laugh! He always saw the humour in situations, and frequently we were doubled over laughing about something or other.” Kristen Park. Another wonderful musician passed away this week, the wonderful pianist, Norm Amadio Rest in Peace gentleman and know that your music will continue to bring comfort and joy to many.

5.  I have designed a poster to help promote my children’s book Samba on a Snowy Day.

I am happy to report I have completed my manuscript for my next book, more adventures with Samba and Ariela.

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