Newsletter 34

Newsletter 34

“But one needs a change sometimes. We take everything too much for granted, including each other.”

Moominmamma, from the book Moominpappa at Sea, by Tove Jansson

Hello all and welcome to this weeks newsletter, you’re probably all aware of Moomins but they are a new and interesting concept for me. I share a great documentary on Tove Jansson the creator of Moomins. I give you some points on how to brew strong coffee, to exercise in self-isolation and share a few more of my interests.

By the way my book promo is on for another couple of weeks, The Stay Home Together free book giveaway.

1.Tove Jansson, Danish illustrator, cartoonist, artist and author, she lived from (1914 – 2001). Jansson is principally known as the author of the Moomin books. Jansson created the Moomins, a family of trolls who are white, round and smooth in appearance, with large snouts that make them similar to hippopotamuses.

I was totally unaware of her until someone I follow happened to mention her name regarding a new book about her. A first for me and so fascinating, check this delightful BBC documentary, The Life of Tove Jansson. 

2. My morning routine, coffee freshly ground and dark roasted, Costa Rican or Columbian, from my favourite coffee shop in Toronto, The Sovereign Café.

Way before though, when the sun is just coming up, I exercise. Every morning I work out, sometimes with more intensity than at other times. At least once a week I complete an intensive workout. My self-isolation workout routine.

The workout will include martial arts every day. I say martial arts because I have to practice many different forms in order to remember them. I work with Japanese weapons, Bo, Jo, Tanbo, Hanbo, Tungfa, Sai and Sword.

I also study Karate and I practice many of the techniques and the forms from the Shotokan and Goju Ryu systems. Every day I include a walk of about 8 thousand steps and when I locate a peaceful meadow or forest, I practice my Tai Chi.   

3. This week I returned to listening to early Woody Shaw, a great concert recorded live in France in 79. Then I heard the news that the piano player for the band passed away, Rest in Power maestro Onaje and thank you for the beautiful notes, RIP Onaje Allan Gumbs (1949 – 2020). A song from 1979 with Woody Shaws group.

4. Walking with your camera, capturing images that make you happy. Ducks enjoying the ice-cold stream, this stream a small part of the mighty East Don River. Another view of the stream.


I long for those days when I can commune with the mother of this stream and canoe from here to there, or somewhere. Mother nature is certainly awesome, enjoy the outdoors as much as you can. But remember to maintain physical distancing. You don’t want to unintentionally be a spreader of this deadly Covid-19.

5.) This week I am re-reading Mitsugi Saotome sensei’ enlightening book Aikido and The Harmony of Nature“We are all a “planetary family,” dependent upon the quality of our life support systems.” From chapter 5 “The Harmony of Nature’s Justice”.

And I continue to read Japanese Fairy Tales by Theodora Ozaki.

From The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, an article entitled Observations on managing global risk, an interesting and hopeful read.

My book Samba on a Snowy Day is still part of a great promotion, The Corona Time Giveaway; this gets you some excellent children’s books for free.  

Remember to stay safe, stay strong and stay home as much as you can. We will get through this together.

One life, one love, one Universe.

Love and Light

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