Newsletter 17

Newsletter 17

Hello all!

Some things that interested me this week, and I hope will be of interest to you too.

Here are my five items, links or suggestions that should get you some inspiration and information.

  1. My book Samba on a Snowy Day is now available as an E – Book.  As a special thank you to my newsletter subscribers and facebook followers I have made the book available for a free download at Just follow the link, free download and get your book. But hurry it’s for a limited time and there is a limited amount of downloads.  I would really appreciate your honest review of Samba on a Snowy Day, visit Goodreads and if you are already a member, sign in and search my book and then write your review. If you’re not a member, it’s easy to sign up, you can even do it through facebook or with an e-mail. Let me know what you think of my book.
  2. This week I have been listening to Surface by the 106 Collective Quartet. One of my favourite CD’s of 2019. This quartet has a fantastic feel, everyone is on the same wavelength and the rhythm section sets down incredible grooves, giving the saxophone player (Luis Deniz) ample space to blow beautifully. Another audio delight that has my attention is the 2019 CD by Sara Gazarek, Thirsty Ghost.  
  3. One of my favourite television shows of 2019, “Working Moms” available on Netflix. A very funny show created by Catherine Reitman. Check out her inspirational talk at Ted Talks on youtube.
  4. Holiday time and that means cooking up fancy treats. I am going to be baking up some Cantucci Alle Mandorle also commonly known as Biscotti, probably the most popular Italian cookies. I am following the recipe of my friend and cousin, Rosemary. One of more than 75 traditional Italian deserts from her cookbook Authentic Italian Desserts.  
  5. Christmas is also a time for getting to the market and there is no better place to visit than The Distillery Christmas Market in downtown Toronto. I hope to be checking it out soon and I will be sure to let you know what I thought of it. I have been to the Distillery District many times but the Christmas Market is still on my list of must see spectacles.

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