Newsletter 36

Newsletter 36

Hello all and welcome to this weeks newsletter.

As I write this I am starting my seventh week of self-isolation. I get out to help with shopping and to walk around my neighbourhood while maintaining physical distancing.

This is a very different world from the one I knew before this Pandemic struck. This week I found a great ten part music class for the kids. Especially kids who want to learn to play harmonica. I also share a wonderful Dr. Seuss story and a few more things that interested me and hopefully will be of some interest to you too.

1. There are plenty of COVID-19 initiatives happening to raise funds for various deserving groups. I like this one because it directly helps children and it has star power. Some great talent reading some fantastic children’s books. — Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams — teamed up to help kids impacted by COVID-19 outbreak. The actresses just launched Save With Stories to directly raise money for Save the Children and No Kid Hungry, both of which are providing food and educational supplies.

The initiative has its own brand-new Instagram account, @SaveWithStories, where celebrities read children’s books aloud to entertain, educate, and distract kids and parents who are social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic. I especially like Julia Louis Dreyfus reading a great Dr. Seuss book, Erdle The Turtle.

2. Liam Ward, a great harmonica player I follow, listen to  and learn from, has launched a new children’s harmonica ten part lesson plan. Aptly entitled Kids Harmonica Lessons

If you have a child who wants to learn harmonica this is  great opportunity.

If  harmonica is not your thing — how about drums, all children like to hit things. Ten New Skills – On this site you can learn how to build your own drum kit among many other things.

Once you have the drum set you may want to start lessons and I know just the place to start. check out Ben Minal and his inspirational lessons, getting started on practice pads. 

My listening pleasure has been all about jamming along to live performances, hosted by harmonica master, Ronnie Shellist

3. I have been reading my new E-Book, a gift from Amazon on World Book Day, Your Perfect Year by Charlotte Lucas. It really puts life into perspective, how you must value everyday that you are blessed with.

I am also re-reading Saotome Mitsugi sensei’ book, The Harmony of Nature. I met sensei when I was staying in Florida a few years ago and I wrote a brief  passage on that special time, “An Unexpected Meeting”.

4. Movies that caught my eye this week, actually a four part mini series. “Unorthodox” based on the New York Times best selling book of the same name by Deborah Feldman.

I enjoyed this show, the acting, the concept – well done.

5.) My daughter Nadia recently asked me what I thought was the best part of this physical distancing that we are all or at least, we all should be going through. My immediate response,  “There is nothing that I like about this”. 

Given the chance to ponder the question for a week, I can say that the best part, or at least a redeeming feature of this lockdown is the chance to reconnect with myself. My practice schedule of music, martial arts, meditation and fitness, has become my main focus when I am not working on my writing.  Nadia is all about health and wellness (Rise Wellness Collective), so my answer to her question will likely resonate with her.

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