Newsletter 42

Newsletter 42

Hello all. Welcome to another week of optimism!  This week I share with you 5 things that peaked my interest and provided some optimism. I am hoping you too may find interest here and some semblance of joy.

1. I found myself in need of some good vibrations this week and listening to amazing bass players. Leland Sklar with Judith Owen “About Love”, Barry Guy with Maya Homburger “Peace/Piece”, Roberto Occhipinti “Stabilemento”,  Steve Swallow, Andy Sheppard and Carla Bley “Ups and Downs”, Christian McBride with Dee Dee Bridgewater “It’s Your Thing”.  Some truly beautiful vibrations.

2. This week I was invited to an online seminar with the great Barry Harris. I couldn’t attend but it brought back some great memories. I have met Dr. Harris on a few occasions and I even had the good fortune to interview him in regards to the We Are One Jazz Project.  

3. Greenpeace is a group I have supported for many years. This week they offered a wonderful treat. I watched this awesome documentary “Sanctuary” about efforts to save the Antarctic ocean with Javier Bardem lending serious support. 

4. Imagination and visualization = creativity. The time away from all things related to crowds and groups of people have given ample opportunity to practice. I have always told my martial arts students that they have no excuse not to practice, even when it comes to weapons training. Using visualization techniques and imagination allows you to go through all of your forms regardless of your space constraints. My long staff video, me performing the form. Minus the staff. 

5.  There is no better time to read Mary Oliver. I am re-reading Upstream her lyrical prose, that is a calming antidote to these trying times.  I am also reading Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and taking in the beautiful illustrations of Greg Hildebrandt.

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