Newsletter 44

Newsletter 44

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvellous.”

(Aristotle 385-323 BC)

Hello all. Wishing you a warm welcome. This week I celebrate my Italian heritage. I contemplate Norse gods and think about giving back to the community. I share with you 5 things that I found of interest and I hope will be of interest to you too.

1. June is Italian Heritage Month and I took in some of the virtual events that celebrate my Italian Heritage. The first event that completely captivated my attention, Wishing You Were Here. Followed by  Enchanted Museums and then My Secret Venice. The Istituto Italiano di Cultura hosted a series of virtual concerts entitled, “So Long Toronto,” I really enjoyed the one with Claudio Jr. de Rosa (Sax.) and Vivienne ChuLiao (Piano). 


With all these virtual events celebrating Italian culture it brought back memories of my visits to Italy. A very special Valentine’s celebration was spent in Taormina, Sicily. I wrote about it and share with you that special weekend.

2. I have started studying the Scandinavian  gods, The Heroes of Asgard, Tales From Scandinavian Mythology by A.Keary and E. Keary.  And in my curiosity as to how you incorporate Norse legends into modern storytelling I delve into Joanne M. Harris’s book, The Gospel of Loki.

3. This week I have been listening to everything Nina Simone, The Diva Series, a CD that I keep coming back to. What a story, what an amazing musician, what a life. 

An organization that I support and appreciate JPEC, recently released a quarantine concert featuring some great musicians, Eddie Bullen with Joaquin Hidalgo and Andrew Stewart. 

4. Listening to a podcast while working on my writing, Broken Record with Esperanza Spalding, a multi Grammy winning artist, bassist, singer and composer. Inspirational! There is one for every day of the week if you’re so inclined. Some are even hosted by Malcolm Gladwell.

5. Poetry, prose and lyrics; many years ago I was encouraged to write lyrics; I tried. Names like, The Shining Star, Making Make Believe and Big City. Some of the material written by me or co-written with my friend Ed McDonald

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