August 28 . Issue #53

A Week In My Life

August 28 . Issue #53

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This week I look at an outdoor school setup, listen to NEA Jazz Masters, partake in some baking and more…

Here are the five things I found interesting this week and I want to share with you all.

1. Outdoor nature school, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)  is starting a new program. I want to get involved and help kids connect with nature. Perhaps I could take my pop-up karate in the park and develop a dojo in the woods.

2. My listening pleasure this week, the  2020 NEA Jazz Masters Tribute Concert – I watched it live, it’s still available as a rebroadcast and free.

3.  Prior to the pandemic, I was teaching karate at a Montessori school, an afterschool karate program for children. Well, they want me back in a limited capacity. Decisions, decisions. Your C.D.C Back To School Decisions Guide

4. I am re-reading a fun book about a cat named Polar Bear. The Best Cat Ever by Cleveland Armory. And Seven Guitars by August Wilson is also on my to-read list. A screenplay and winner of the New York drama critics circle award for best play. 

5. Can you save money by baking your own bread? How about baking a walnut banana bread? This week I baked bread, fantastic Italian style pane (bread). The best Calabrese bread that I have tasted and I share the recipe. I also made this amazing banana loaf from a recipe by Tina Turbin and I’ve been enjoying it all week. Goes great with my morning espresso.


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