April 2 . Issue #84

Plan with a purpose, prepare with a prayer, proceed with positivity and pursue with persistence.

Hello all and welcome, A Good Friday to everyone and Happy Easter.

1. A couple of treats to share with you this week. My book Samba in Brazil is part of a fantastic promotion for April featuring many award-winning authors. Get a free e-book, some authors require you to sign up for their newsletter, you can unsubscribe any time.

Alvin Ailey presents a free online performance, Blues Suite Ailey

Have you ever heard of Hiplet? A new dance craze – get dancin’.


2. What to watch? I checked out a feature film from last years Toronto Film Festival, “Ammonite” starring Kate Winslett. An award-winning film from director Francis Lee.

A fantastic story about a remarkable woman, Mary Anning, her discovery of ancient fossils and her life and times. Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier is a book on the subject of Mary Anning and it is now on my reading list.

3. Talking about reading, this week I started reading a historical fiction book from David M. Gaughran, Mercenary. The story of the USA’s most famous soldier of fortune.


4. My ear candy this week, the vocal stylings of jazz great Etta Jones. Etta Jones got her start in New York City at the famed Apollo Theatre. She was discovered by pianist bandleader Buddy Johnson.

Johnson needed a singer to fill in for his regular singer, his sister Ella Johnson. Later in her career, Etta Jones performed with Houston Person. Person became her musical partner and her manager.

I never saw Etta Jones live. I did manage to see Houston Person on a couple of occasions. A wonderful expressive tenor saxophone player. I reviewed one of the performances a few years back. Home Smith Bar 2013 Toronto Jazz Festival; Canadian Jazz Quartet with Houston Person.

5. Podcasts keep me entertained while I’m working on my writing and my newsletter. A couple that I find entertaining and educational: Malcolm Gladwell and Revisionist History Podcast have a listen if you have some time.

I enjoy listening to Jack Kornfield, he has a series of podcasts, here he speaks about the Sanctuary. A great talk on finding your inner sanctuary.

Thank you for sharing my week. Here in the province of Ontario, Canada we’re about to enter another lockdown. I think this is the third province-wide lockdown.

If you are looking for a fun children’s book check out one of my books. Samba on a Snowy Day, Samba em um Dia de Neve or my new book, Samba in Brazil  – Free  e-book for a limited time starting April 2nd, Illustrated Children’s Book Spring Fling!


Stay safe, stay well, stay strong and keep going.

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