Newsletter 25

Newsletter 25

Hello all, in this weeks newsletter I check out the Oscars and go witness history in the making with the premier presentation of Oscar Petersons, Africa. Among other items, including offering my book Samba on a Snowy Day (e-book version) for free, for a limited time.

In this weeks newsletter five things that interested me and I thought may be of interest to you too.

  1. The 92nd edition of the Academy Awards took place this week and I watched some of the youtube highlights. Some good speeches made by award winning Joaquin Phoenix, Best Actor for the “Joker” and Renée Zellweger for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance as Judy Garland in “Judy”! A first for South Korea – and for South Korean film maker Bung Joon Ho, winning most of the awards, three in total, including Best Picture for “Parasite”.

2. R.I.P. to one of the great music makers of our time, Lyle Mays (1953 -2020) have a look at a TedxCaltech – Lyle Mays performance he gave awhile back. 

Musical partner for many years to guitarist Pat Metheny. A multiple Grammy Award winner, Pat Metheny has a wonderful tribute on his page. 

3. Black History Month events are happening everywhere. One that I was able to participate in from a spectator point of view, the world premier of Oscar Peterson’s, Africa. Night Cry, Ellington Looks At Africa, Night in Transvaal, Peace, Nigerian Marketplace, Tribal Dance,The Fallen Warrior, Soweto Saturday Night, Hymn to Freedom – Africa Suite – Oscar Peterson’s music played by a magical group of the best musicians in the world. Led by John Clayton conducting the Oscar Peterson International Jazz Orchestra featuring Benny Green, Christian McBride, Lewis Nash and Reg Schwager – to name but a few of the all star cast. I thoroughly enjoyed the music and the experience, I will be writing an in depth review of the performance in the near future. 

Check out a performance of part of the Africa Suite by Oscar Peterson

“Nigerian Marketplace”, Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen playing Bass and Martin Drew on Drums,  Berlin, Germany 1985.

What I am reading? This week I continue with more Alexander McCall Smith and his delightful, Sunday Morning Philosophy Club series of books, I’m on book two now; Friends, Lovers, Chocolate

4. I registered for my first ever Writers’ Festival. A chance to showcase my book Samba on a Snowy Day, and maybe even sell a few copies. For anyone with an E-Reader, my book and some Best Selling Children’s Book Authors are giving books away for “Free” follow the link, Children’s Books.

5. Fundamental Movement Skills in children! Can we push the limits of what we think children can do? Karate can and does just that. I am working with pre-school children, they are really amazing. Spirit, energy, fun and good humour in abundance, they motivate me and they challenge me to find ways to push them to their maximum abilities in a safe and enjoyable manner. 


50 Reasons why parents should get their children to do Karate.


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