November 17.Issue 162

Hello and welcome to my monthly journal, a place for me to share five points of interest. What I have been up to and what is happening in my world.

This month, I am coming to you a little early to share my next big event, The Link Winter Market in Sutton. Also, I want to let you know what I’ve been reading and listening to.

1. The Link Winter Market in Sutton, Ontario, November 26 and December 10. I am going to be there for both dates. The first one is Sunday, November 26; I will have all my books available for sale at festival prices.

This community shopping experience features unique handmade treasures and treats, live music, local farmers, one-of-a-kind gifts, artist creations, foodie delights, and more. I hope to see you there.

2. The featured photo is from a recent concert I attended at Koerner Hall in Toronto in the guise of my music writer persona. Christian McBride’s New Jawn, featuring the incredible Christian McBride on acoustic bass, Nasheet Waits on drums, Josh Evans on trumpet and playing tenor saxophone and flute, filling in all week for Marcus Strickland,  Gerry Thomas. This was a great concert, and I have written a report that will, at some point, be featured on one of the online journals I write for.

Another fantastic concert I took in The Django Festival Allstars with Edmar Castañedas. Another concert I wrote about and will have published shortly. I’ll send you a link so you can read my report.

3. What I am reading at the moment is a very funny book by a very funny lady. The book is; “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)“, by Mindy Kaling. That’s my evening read; my daytime read when I have the chance is a manual on karate entitled “Karate Science, Dynamic Movement” by J.D. Swanson, Ph.D.  This book fascinates in its depth on the science of movement.

4. I love hanging out in a natural setting, and I have a small writing den on a river up north near the Blue Mountains and Collingwood, Ontario. I do lots of writing up there. I have a new book that I am in the process of completing about the animals that live near the river and offer me company and endless hours of delight, especially one feisty red squirrel who is the busiest squirrel I have ever seen.

There are other animals, too. Sometimes, a cow comes down to the river to drink some water. Geese and ducks call the river home, and there are all kinds of songbirds. I have also seen beaver, fox, deer, otter, mink, and other animals.

5. While up north, I always look for connections and other activities to fill the time. This week, I attended a drum circle at the Wasaga Beach Library. The group leader is a very accomplished musician: a flutist, hand drummer, and choir director.

I had an enjoyable time and met some great people, and I will return to do some more drumming.

Thank you for reading; if you know of someone who may be interested in this, please share. I hope to see you at The Link Winter Market in Sutton event or one of the other events I’ll be attending.

Be well, stay safe, and keep reading.

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