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March 26 . Issue #83

“Instructions for Living a Life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” – Mary Oliver

Hello all and welcome to my weekly journal. This week I find a chance to get back to some park training with friends, tour a new rural area and more …

1. The perfect writer’s mantra. Last week I found myself really paying attention. I was completely astonished and now I find myself telling you about it.

Writing sanctuary’s. Do you think such a thing exists? I am in search of the perfect writing sanctuary. I went to visit this potential site; three hours northeast of Toronto on a six-acre wood lot overlooking a beautiful lake.

Friday I am going in the other direction, about 3 hours northwest of Toronto on a small lake and with less property. It’s all about the energy for me.

2. Celebrating with David Suzuki on March 24th, Happy Birthday David, and may you be blessed with many more.

The virtual birthday bash took place on Wednesday and I was invited to attend the surprise birthday party the following day. Great fun.

3. I have children’s writing workshops coming up in April. The Markham Public Library will be hosting the event. This is a Zoom virtual event that you can register your children to attend and explore creativity with me.

I’ll be doing a reading from a little known Japanese fairy tale and from my new book Samba in Brazil.

Children’s Writing Workshop: A Storytelling and an Exploration of How We Arrive at Creativity.

4. My listening pleasure this week, all about the award-winning cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason and his rendition of Leonard Cohens’, “Hallelujah” joined in this performance by Didier Osindero, Alinka Rowe and Yong Jun Lee.

And Sheku with his family performing Redemption Song. What an amazingly talented family, Isata (piano), Jeneba  (violin), Braimah  (violin), Konya  (violin), Aminata  (violin), Sheku  (cello), Mariatu (piano).

5. This week my nighttime reading are the inspirational words of Thich Nhat Hanh from his classic Present Moment Wonderful Moment.

When I have a chance in the morning I am reading Bakemono Yashiki, The Haunted House.

My friends at Old Mate Media have a new release for the children, something to keep them happy and occupied during the upcoming Easter holiday. Ultimate At-Home Activities for Kids. The first eight pages of this great book of activities are free.

Thank you for reading. If you think someone you know would enjoy my newsletter please share it with them. If you are looking for a great children’s book check out my new book, Samba in Brazil; on sale for a limited time.

Or one of my other books, Samba on a Snowy Day or the Brazilian/ Portuguese version Samba em um Dia de Neve.

Stay safe, stay well, stay strong and keep going.

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October 30 . Issue #62


One night long ago, in Ohio, a bobcat leaped like a quick clawed whirlwind of light from the pines beside the road and our hearts thudded and stopped –
those lightning eyes! that dappled jaw! those plush paws!

Mary Oliver (1935 – 2019)

In this weeks newsletter, a children’s book festival, tree museum’s, bullfighting and more…

My Weekly Journal

A weekly newsletter that gives you 5 personal interests that I share with you.

1. An invisibility cloak, that is what interested me this week. I came across one in the forest of The Tree Museum last year. So cool. Pictured below is an invisible outhouse located in the forest. Can you see it?

2. The inspiration for my interest, the 12th Annual – Telling Tales Festival. A literary festival for children and a great discussion on invisibility cloaks.

3. My viewing pleasure this week, choreography, dance and movement. Netflix original documentary, Move.

4. Karate – one of my passions. I have been training in karate for many years. And since August I have been leading a group in outdoor martial arts training. The cold temperature is coming and soon training will have to be done at home. For my students, I recommend Karate at Home with Shinji Akita. Sensei has compiled 32 video’s to keep you inspired and training with his qualified guidance.

5. My reading this week has taken me back (1949) to a book, a favourite of my mothers, The Brave Bulls, by Tom Lea. This is a first edition copy, not signed. My mother studied Mexican folk dance and culture.

I visited Mexico with my parents when I was a teen. Climbing the pyramids, exploring the jungle ruins and loving the beaches.  Great fun, an incredible experience. I attended a concert, the Ray Charles band at an intimate, swanky club in the Zona Rosa, Mexico City. After the show, I hung with the guys in the band at a small cafè.

I went to the bullfights and I spoke to the young rock star bull-fighters.

I drove from Mexico City to Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, about 1,600 thrilling kilometres. Have you ever been pursued by the Mexican military? My father didn’t like the idea of trying to outrun them. We pulled over. “Tourista,” they said.

They waved us on our way. Mexico at that time, 1974, took care of their tourist’s. Tourist dollars were number one.

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Newsletter 14

Hello all! 

Some things that interested me this week, and I hope will be of interest to you too.

Here are my five items, links or suggestions that should get you some inspiration and information.

Newsletter 14

  1. Tokyo 2020 Olympics, do you have your ticket? My friend Scott has his. He said “Karate in the Olympics may only happen once, I might as well see it.” Here is a basic one minute guide to karate in the Olympics For Scott and any other interested parties, nearly 8 million spectators are expected, running 17 days from July 24 – August 9 and followed by Paralympics from Aug. 25 to Sept. 6. Some 5000 medals will be awarded and all made using recycled metal from electronics donated by people across Japan. There will be 42 venues in and around Tokyo. It’s been 56 years since the last Games, held in 1964. There will be 6 types of robots to be introduced for the Games and they have been designed to do everything from directing spectators, to retrieving javelins during the track and field competition. For more facts and to get your tickets, visit 2020 Summer games
  2. Self publishing a book, my book, “Samba on a Snowy Day”, is getting closer to a launch date. This week I was working with Kim McDougall, a fantastic book designer at “Castelane For The Prose” she has been guiding me in the requirements for a successful publication. This is a children’s book with illustrations by Josh Miller. Formatting the text and the illustrations can be challenging, sometimes there just isn’t enough room and things can get crowded. A good design finds ways to make the text blend or to have it seamlessly integrate with the illustrations. 
  3. This week I started reading “The Book of Tea” by Kakuzo Okakura written in 1906. I mentioned in a previous newsletter the wonderful book site project gutenberg and the library of books available for free download, this is one of the books available. You may also get a glimpse of the beauty of this fascinating book on the Japanese tea ceremony here, at I was also interested in another Japanese author of children’s books Miyazawa Kenji. I follow C.W. Nichol, author of “Moving Zen”, one of my favourite books and I recently became aware of one his projects to translate to English, a series of books by Kenji Miyazawa. This book is on my wish list, I’m currently hunting it down.
  4. “A Silent Tragedy”, written by Victoria Prooday, is a great article that I read this week about how some parents are failing their children. Pay particular attention to the – what we can do part. I am a strong advocate on getting outside, explore the great outdoors and take in the wonder and beauty that surrounds us. Check out Victoria’s Blog for more insightful information on parenting.
  5. Musical folks that have entertained me this week, Christian McBride,  another Grammy nominated artist. I mentioned a couple of others in last weeks newsletter. McBride is fantastic, a bassist, composer, educator, masterful musician and a band leader. A cool youtube clip of Mr. McBride and Mr. Owens in conversation, bass and drums.

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