Newsletter 5

Hello all!

Some things that interested me this week, and I hope will be of interest to you too.

Here are my five items, links or suggestions that should get you some inspiration and information.

  1. Nutrition is important, consider it your fuel. Are you aware of what kids eat during their lunch breaks? During my two years of teaching lunchtime karate in York region, I saw first hand how children eat lunch at school. Some don’t, others rush and a few, look like they actually have a nutritious lunch. Check out this handy resource for some good lunchtime ideas for your children. My job was to collect the Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten children from their classrooms and guide them to the gym where we joined the grade 1 and 2 students who had registered for the lunchtime karate program. After an exciting 40 minutes of spirited karate, I then monitored the children as they ate their lunch and socialized in one of the spare classrooms for the remaining 20 minutes of the hour long lunch break.
  2. I have been listening to multi instrumentalist Mike Herriott, The recording Isn’t Life Grand on Doghouse Records is great. Mr. Herriott, performing all the trumpets, flugelhorns, french horns, trombones, basses, piano, and various miscellaneous percussion including triangle, presents music ranging in styles from hip-hop, be-bop, funk, and straight-ahead swing. Mr. Herriott on any horn he plays is fantastic,  he blows with serious intensity and a magical tone.
  3. I received my edited manuscript for my upcoming book and it was with some trepidation that I opened the file to view the changes to my story. But it was still my story.  A good editor will do their best to ensure the author’s original voice remains intact, or so I was informed. I am gaining plenty of insight into the writing, self-publishing process. There are some great links to be had that provide wonderful guidance. This is one that I found helpful, justpublishingadvice.
  4. Reading the Post this week I caught this quote from a jazz guitarist I admire, “Now I can think a little bigger, realize things before that might not have been possible,” says jazz guitarist Mary Halvorson. (John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation)  Ms. Halvorson on learning she is one of 26 recipients of the MacArthur Foundation genius award, a no strings attached $625k grant. (Isn’t Life Grand, as Mr Herriott mentioned earlier.) For more on the MacArthur Foundation, this is what it’s all about.
  5. Fitness is something everyone should be aware of. I was out for my 10k walk the other morning and found some underground urban art, photo featured above. Children who are active, involved in after school programs and play a sport, either organized or just getting together with friends to play at the local park are healthy children. Physical activity guidelines are featured here physicalactivity/guidelines. That being said, get your kids active. Fitness for life, starts early.

Thanks for reading. If you like what you’ve read forward this to someone you think will enjoy it.

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