This year marks my 38th year of marriage to my lovely wife Nina. My daughter, Nadia sent me a link to a cool site and a relationship counselling quiz. I took the quiz and my results came back blue.

If you are a BLUE personality style:
Your core Values are Authenticity and Harmony.
Your core Needs are People and Relationships.


In Relationships:

Blues seek harmonious relationships and believe in true love. They are romantic and cherish the small gestures of love. Blues also tend to be affectionate, supportive, natural peacekeepers and sensitive to the needs of others. They bring drama, warmth and empathy to relationships, and dislike conflict.



Are very concerned about the well-being and feelings of others and are the self-appointed care-takers, peace keepers. They love to supporter others and be a source of motivation.


Blues appreciate everyone and everything. They are honest, have integrity, enjoy teamwork and cooperation. They have a contagious enthusiasm, bring encouragement, and strive for peace and harmony. It is important to a blue to feel that they make meaningful contributions to life. If they are able to experience this, Blues will have high esteem.


However, if they are in an environment where they can’t express their authentic self (In other words, be real) or don’t feel like they can make contributions to better someone’s life, they begin to fade. They easily take on other’s problems, sacrificing their own needs to put other’s first. If the environment is persistently negative, rejecting or filled with conflict, they become overwhelmed and begin acting out.


  1. So happy to see you living a life that aligns with your most authentic self. Congratulations on 38 years of a strong, devoted, loyal and healthy marriage. It is rare and inspiring. Much love!!!

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