September 24 . Issue #110

Hello all and welcome to the 1st week of the fall season. This week I celebrate the birth of a great poet, a great singer, the fall equinox and more…

The featured photo is one that I captured Thursday afternoon, my river cruise after a tumultuous downpour the previous day. The water in the Beaver River was up about two feet and the current was strong, so it was a good workout going upriver.  On the other side of the bridge in the photo, there is a stepped drop of about 100 feet. I didn’t want to get too close.

1. My book promotion is still happening, get your free children’s e-book, Samba em um Dia de Neve. A best-seller in kids Portuguese Books.

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2. This week, September 21st marks a special occasion, The International Day of Peace.

Do you know the path to World Peace? I believe that education is the answer. Let us try to support education for all people in the World.

The 2021 theme for International Day of Peace: Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world. Celebrate peace by standing up against acts of hate online and offline, and by spreading compassion, kindness, and hope in the face of the pandemic, and as we recover.

3. I celebrated a couple of birthdays this week, the birth of the great songwriter, some would say, poet, Leonard Cohen (1954 – 2016). One of his many wonderful songs “Hallelujah” performed here by Josh Groban and Lucia Micarelli.

The great tenor Andrea Bocelli turned 63 this week and I listened to one of his concerts while working on this newsletter. Music For Hope – Live From Milan.

4. This week, September 21st ushered in the fall equinox, equinox meaning to equal – when day and night are of equal length.

When the Sun crosses the equator from north to south, this marks the autumnal equinox; when it crosses from south to north, this marks the vernal equinox…

5. My work on the new book, Scratchy the Squirrel – A Time For Friends with illustrations by Joshua Miller is progressing nicely. This week Joshua and I went over the illustrations and made some minor changes.

The project is now scheduled for completion by mid-October and will be ready for release in November.

Send me a message if you would like to receive an Advanced Reader Copy. (

Thank you for reading. If you think someone you know would enjoy my newsletter please share it with them. If you are looking for a great children’s book check out my new book, Samba in Brazil; on sale for a limited time.

Or one of my other books, Samba on a Snowy Day or the Brazilian/ Portuguese version Samba em um Dia de Neve.

Stay safe, stay well, stay strong and keep going.

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